Our Story

Manifest the Present, Cultivate the Future

ReLeaf Farmacy is a local hemp farm and outlet cultivating quality, hemp-derived CBD products and meaningful relationships through a relentless commitment to sustainable practices. Located on a generational dairy farm, ReLeaf Farmacy is poised to sow a new story on rich soil.

Friendship First

ReLeaf's story spans decades when you factor in the friendships this mission was founded upon. Daniel and David first linked up in high school music class due to their mutual love for good grooves. Daniel was a public school "first-timer" while David was a hood rat renegade. They quickly a dynamic duo as David helped Daniel navigate the "halls" while Daniel showed David how to really grad a bull by the horns. Two tough, determined friends wanting to make a difference in the world and those around them. After David experienced the tremendous healing powers of cannabis (ie industrial hemp), his good friend Daniel knew this was the opportunity they were waiting for.